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The “Casona los Cedros” Project is located in the historical centre of the village of Espita.

Espita is an authentic village in the heart of Yucatan, off the beaten track. It is an ideal place for eco-tourism, to discover the Mexican traditions and culture, local gastronomy, colonial and traditional architecture, crafts and the richness of nature of Monte Yucateco.

Ideally located, Espita allows you to visit many tourist sites such as Chichen Itza, Rio Lagartos or Valladolid but also to discover new exclusive and authentic places.


The “Casona Los Cedros” Project is the restoration of a 19th century colonial house using traditional know-how and local materials, complemented by a new contemporary construction that emphasizes details.

This complex, integrated into a lush garden, will offer travelers a boutique hotel with nine comfortable and intimate rooms, a restaurant and a bar.


The “Casona los Cedros” project is based in the village of Espita and benefits from local know-how and qualitative materials.

Builders and carpenters use traditional and environmentally friendly techniques using local and natural materials.

Similarly, local craftsmanship will be showcased in the various areas of the hotel, bar and restaurant.

Laura Lecué - Alan Montfort

3 Grand Bodo
56230 Berric, France

Laura Lecué - Alan Montfort
Calle 26 - Calle 25X Calle 23
97730 Espita , Yucatan

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