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Tonio and his team have been renovating the ancient part of the hotel since September. With traditional materials and techniques, Tonio passes on his know-how to the young workers of Espita.


Trained as an Architect, Raul Hernandez has been supervising the site since the very beginning. With his experience and expertise, Raul advises us on the techniques and materials to be used.


Laura is the architect and designer of the project. Her experience in the Yucatan region helped her to design an architecture fully integrated into his environment.
Alan, co-designer of the project (with Laura), brings his experience as project coordinator.


The OoX Tuul joinery, based in Espita, accompanies us on joinery and furniture.
With quality and certified wood, the carpenters make us custom-made pieces.


José, hammock manufacturer in Espita, designs our hammock collection for the terraces of the rooms and the relaxation areas of the garden.


Mango Rosado criss-crosses the Espita mountain to find beroco (small vines) to make the baskets, lamps and pot holders that will decorate the hotel.
Mrs Rosado and her daughter embroider this specific Espita cross stitch that decorates the hotel’s various textiles.

Laura Lecué - Alan Montfort

3 Grand Bodo
56230 Berric, France

Laura Lecué - Alan Montfort
Calle 26 - Calle 25X Calle 23
97730 Espita , Yucatan

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