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The Casona los Cedros project aims to offer future travelers a unique and qualitative accommodation experience in the village of Espita.
Guests will be able to enjoy a colonial architecture of the Yucatan through the renovation of the old building but also a more contemporary architecture with the creation of nine rooms, a swimming pool and a restaurant located in a garden.

Project plan

  • Before-Projet
    Façade actuelle Projet Projet de façade

We use traditional materials and techniques for the renovation of the ancient part. Stone, sisal, pixoy, chukum, certified wood and callus make up the range of materials. Also used in new construction, its materials create an aesthetic dialogue between the old and the new.

Coated test for the facade

Always with a sense of detail and respect for local materials, the rooms, the swimming pool and its covered terrace will be treated in a more contemporary architecture integrated into a tree-filled garden and its aromatic plantations.

The restaurant and bar Casona will offer local and organic products mainly grown in permaculture in the garden of Hacienda Kancaba in Espita. Qualitative products that will be used to create Yucatecan and French dishes and thus make both traditions coexist.

The local craftsmanship will be showcased in the hotel’s various spaces, but it will also be available in the shop. Hammock, embroidery as well as furniture and accessories from the Oox Tuul carpenter’s workshop can be purchased by our visitors.

Laura Lecué - Alan Montfort

3 Grand Bodo
56230 Berric, France

Laura Lecué - Alan Montfort
Calle 26 - Calle 25X Calle 23
97730 Espita , Yucatan

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